These Messages Prove Guy Has Absolutely No Clue About Tampons

by : UNILAD on : 13 Aug 2015 17:44


Even the very best boyfriend, brother, or dad out there probably dreads the moment the female in their life asks them to pop to the shop and pick up some tampons for them.


Girls can’t avoid it. Buying tampons will probably have been a monthly ritual for so long that they don’t bat an eyelid when walking up to the till with a huge bar of chocolate, a box of tampons and a packet of painkillers, but to ask a guy to do that?

Yeah, red faces at the ready.

tampon giftampon gif

These hilarious messages, posted on Imgur, have demonstrated that tenfold.


These guys have issues with everything from the amount of tampons they need to buy, to the price of them, and the fact that girls are so hard done by because they have to buy them every single month.

It seems that the thought hadn’t actually occurred to these guys before now…


Massive points to the guys for going out and actually buying the tampons. Not only did they learn that periods are hard, but also that stupid questions being directed at their significant others during their time of the month are not a good idea. At all.

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