These Mods Transform GTA V Into The Last Of Us

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 Feb 2016 13:10

There can’t be many games as different as Grand Theft Auto and The Last of Us? Where GTA 5 revels in letting you explore the hustle and bustle of a massively populated world, The Last of Us takes you on a chilling journey through an abandoned America, where everyone you meet will probably either want to shoot you, eat you, or infect you. 


Still, that hasn’t stopped GTAFREAk67S from putting together this unholy fusion. They were inspired by a map from Rapidiment, which takes a section of Los Santos city centre and wrecks it all up, making it look all post-apocalyptic and grassy similar to the world we see in The Last of Us. 

GTAFREAk67s decided to add to this map by creating a mod that lets you play as Joel (or a lookalike anyway). Joel of course was the grizzled, beardy hero of TLOU. 

Put the two mods together and boom – you have yourself The Last of  Us in GTA 5. Minus the infected zombies and the other survivors that want you dead, of course. Still, you can easily find a zombie mod to add in if you’re looking for a more fulsome experience.


If you’re wanting a bit of peace and quiet though, or even if you’re just desperate for a tiny fix of something vaguely related to The Last of Us (we feel you), you might as well give these mods a whirl.

Ewan Moore

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