These Near Death Experiences Captured On GoPros Are Terrifying


Okay, so in the past I may have written about certain YouTube videos and described them as terrifying, but this one truly is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. 


YouTuber eL3ctric is currently making compilations out of people’s near death experiences, all captured on GoPros.

Sharing them on the site, the shock, horror, and ultimate fear of death is captured perfectly in first person through the harrowing short clips.

closeYouTube / eL3ctric

Up to now there are three volumes of the Near Death Experience series and they are all definitely worth checking out.

In Volume Three (above), one guy falls down a cliff face for what feels like eternity, another loses control of a snow mobile, and one dude sky dives and ends up narrowly missing the plane he just hopped out of.

We won’t spoil all the footage for you but there’s a lot of petrifying shit that will get you whimpering on the edge of your seat if you give it a watch.