These Norwegian Twins Are Set To Inherit An £8 Billion Fortune


These Norwegian twins have made this year’s Sunday Times Rich list and are set to inherit an eye-watering £8 billion from their dad.

Think of all the things you could do if you were ready to inherit a jaw-dropping £8 billion pounds? You could easily treat yourself to about ten cars and thirty holidays – not to mention clearing out your ASOS shopping basket whenever you fancied.

Kathrine and Cecilie Fredriksen are set to hit the giddy heights of billionairedom, after their family was named the 12th richest in the UK, in the Sunday Times Rich List.

The 33-year-olds will eventually land themselves an inheritance from their dad – John Fredriksen – who made his billions through his oil tanker and shipping business.

The extremely wealthy women have already been intent on carving out their own fortune though – on top of everything heading their way – with both playing a key role in the family business.


Kathrine has taken on a role as director of the shipping division of the company and honed her business savvy mind at the European Business School in London.

Cecilie is so much of a key player in the company, her dad – nicknamed ‘Big Wolf’ – has aired his hopes his daughter will soon take over the reigns.

He said:

I hope Cecilie takes over soon, I’m beginning to get tired. But I won’t retire. I think I’ll work until I die.


It’s a pretty insane figure heading their way in the perhaps not-so-distant-future to add to their already growing wealth though…

Some people are just born seriously lucky aren’t they?