These Remote Caribbean Islands Are Getting Pizza Delivered By Plane

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After an April Fools Joke, one Dominos branch in the St. Maarten airport in the Caribbean decided to team up with airline Winair, to offer pizzas, delivered by plane.

The pizzas will be flown to the neighbouring islands of Saba and St. Eustatius, given they are too remote to actually have their own Dominos store, and are only accessible by plane, meaning that they couldn’t get Dominos delivered – until now.

The service will take advantage of existing flights that are already going to the islands, with the pizza simply being placed on the plane and then handed over to customers on the other side. The customer can call ahead, pick an arrival time (because the flights go every 15-20 minutes) and then wait for their pizza to be baked and delivered.


Since the service launched last month, it has become increasingly popular, and is now getting several requests each day.

Even better news for customers is that it will only set them back $2.75 for delivery, but to get the pizza, they will still have to drive to the airport, but let’s face it, a Dominos is worth the drive.