These Russian Dating Site Pictures Are The Weirdest Thing Ever


You can always rely on Russia for the weird and wonderful. From their leaders posing topless on horseback, to congratulating each other when they have a sauna, to refusing to smile at strangers, our Russian cousins are experts at causing raised eyebrows the world over.

Their dating websites are no exception, I can only assume that these guys are catering to some pretty niche markets, so here for your enjoyment/confusion are ten of the weirdest, most inexplicable Russian dating site pictures the internet has to offer.

I’ll shoot shit, then clean it up?

Don’t need a shirt with a tie this size.


So many patterns, the shine coming off those trousers, just everything about this.

What? I’m just having a cig and eating some pizza on the kitchen floor.

Good cop, bad cop.

Always had a bit of a thing for Ariel from The Little Mermaid – oh god, no.

Nothing positive can be said about this.

You want one, you get both. No questions.

Ninja fly-swatter?

So much to enjoy, so much for my eyes and brain to compute.