These Soldiers’ Technique For Toughening Up Is Absolutely Brutal


Footage has emerged of some soldiers you seriously wouldn’t want to come up against on the battlefield.

No one has ever thought that being in the army would be an easy ride, but this impressive demonstration by a group of soldiers in China is taking hardcore to the next level, reports Mashable.

The video shows a group of young Chinese soldiers breaking different things including concrete blocks, bricks and porcelain bowls with their bare hands and heads.

In one scene, a soldier repeatedly has wooden poles broken over various parts of his body while in another clip the guys have concrete blocks dropped on their arms.


Some of the hardcore crew even take things up another level, letting their colleagues smash concrete slabs on their chests with sledgehammers and have stacks of bricks broken over their heads.

It’s not quite clear how these skills would be massively useful in anything but hand-to-hand combat but it’s definitely fair to say that these Shaolin-style demonstrations are impressively terrifying.