These Students Did Something Amazing For Their Teacher’s Birthday


This video shows the heartwarming moment a group of students decided to throw their beloved teacher a birthday party.

According to the Daily Mail, they were inspired to do so after they found out he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had birthday cake.

The teacher, Kyle Simpler, got his surprise when he walked into his classroom at Burleson High School, Texas to find the room adorned with streamers.

The class sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to their teacher while a student comes forward to present his teacher with a brightly wrapped gift.

The students also bought their ‘favourite teacher’ a large blue cake with a photo of a Siamese cat printed on the top.

Mr Simpler is so overwhelmed by the gesture that he can be seen covering his face to hide his tears before, overcome with emotion, he walks over to the corner of room.


The students scream and clap before Simpler, his voice choked with emotion, simply says ‘thank you’.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Saeya Esparza and it has now had over 50,000 likes, and hundreds of people have taken to the comments to share their thoughts.

“I cried. I think that is beautiful. You made him smile so much and everyone sounds really excited. Good for you guys,” said one. While another commented “ Awww bless him! Blushing. He looks pleased as punch.”


One of Mr Simpler’s students wrote:

I’m so happy for Mr. Simpler. Just hope he doesn’t get mad tomorrow for being famous.

Happy birthday!