These Students Were Caught In A Very Compromising Position On Their School Roof


When you’re young and in love, public displays of affection are all too common.

However, two students may be regretting their decision to be quite so public with their affections, after they were caught on video kissing and grinding on their school roof.

The couple were very publicly declaring their love for one another, with a painted message of “HHL, I love you forever” next to them on the roof, but things appeared to get very intimate, very quickly.

In the video, filmed from a nearby rooftop, the boy can be seen lying on top of the girl for some time, and awkwardly grinding. Young love, eh?

The people filming the bizarre scene can be heard laughing and one even suggests they should give the couple some money so they can “get a room”. Classic.

According to People’s Daily Online, the footage was filmed in Wenzhou, east China and the video has now gone viral, meaning the display of affection between these two is now far more public than they could ever have dreamed.

Look, we’re all for a grand romantic gesture but maybe, next time, wait until you actually get inside before you start showing just how much you love one another?