These Texts Show The Grim Consequences When You Accidentally Message The Wrong Person

by : Francesca Donovan on : 27 Oct 2016 01:12

You press send and the realisation dawns on you. The fear and dread floods through your veins and you break out in cold sweats because you’ve just sent that text message to the wrong person.


Whether it’s a workplace rant accidentally sent to your boss or a post-night out debrief with the girls winging its way into your mum’s inbox, mis-messaging is a modern day minefield of embarrassment.

Thankfully, we’ve all been there – and these messages courtesy of Wrong Number Texts prove it. Look upon these embarrassing texts as you would The Jeremy Kyle Show; they may fry your brain with the cringe-factor but you’ll come out of this feeling so much better about your own life.


You think telling your dad you’re about to lose your virginity is bad?


Family forgives and forgets, but this person just lost their job.


I’m betting this was an awkward morning by the water-cooler at work the next day.

Donna is not a happy bunny.


This philandering father just revealed his summer fling with an intern…

To his daughter.


This was either a painfully awkward texting error, or an ingenious ploy to get Kelli to stop posting pictures of her kid…

Nobody got time for that.


The post-date debrief really oughtn’t go straight to the date himself…

Goddammit Jimmy, you’re a beautiful man, braces and all.


Don’t judge a woman for how much she eats on a date and then tell her…

Fuck you, Gary, it was unlimited shrimp night!


A stepdad agreeing to sleep with his ex’s daughter?

Yep, that’ll make you want to smash your phone and pretend those particular pixels never appeared on your screen.


This women accidentally sent a text with this unfortunate autocorrect to a weirdly chill work colleague instead of sending it to her daughter.

Serves her right for texting someone instead of going upstairs to speak to them in person, IMHO.


At least she didn’t accidentally send her daughter a message that was quite clearly not for a child’s eyes.

That ‘inside joke’ excuse fell on deaf ears.


Even worse when the accidental texts involve both your mum and your dad…

Alter ego: ‘Long dong silver’. Eek!


In fact, folks, erase all of these texts from your mind instantly.

Maybe delete your mum as a contact too. Just in case.

Francesca Donovan

A former emo kid who talks too much about 8Chan meme culture, the Kardashian Klan, and how her smartphone is probably killing her. Francesca is a Cardiff University Journalism Masters grad who has done words for BBC, ELLE, The Debrief, DAZED, an art magazine you've never heard of and a feminist zine which never went to print.

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