These Two Girls Massively F*cked Up When David Cameron Visited Their School


A pair of school girls have been excluded from their school for taking ecstasy on the day David Cameron paid a visit.

The pupils were allegedly seen taking the drugs in The Warriner School bathroom while other kids took part in a sports day, The Sun reports.

In the afternoon, the then-Prime Minister visited the school and met with the kids while campaigning for a Remain vote before the EU referendum – a bit of a wasted effort, in hindsight.

David Cameron Leads Cross-party Supporters On The Final "Stronger In" Bus TourGetty

The teen girls were later quizzed by the police and excluded from the school.

Dr Annabel Kay, the headmaster at Warriner, believes the drugs were bought at the Adderbury Party in the Park, a local festival held the previous weekend.

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She said:

It was reported by students who were concerned about the girls. There was no clarity about what had happened so we handed it to the police.

They have interviewed one girl and are yet to interview a second. The students are out of school while we investigate.

I will not tolerate any students who think they can bring drugs to school and they know they may be permanently excluded if they do.

Dr Kay went on to add that they push drugs education as hard as possible, although some parents weren’t pleased with the school.

David Cameron Leads Cross-party Supporters On The Final "Stronger In" Bus TourGetty

One parent wrote:

I’m not surprised this happened, it has always been a high-performing respectable school but in the last few years it has changed.

It’s no longer a case of having a cigarette behind the bike shed or a drink in the park – these teenagers are getting hold of hard drugs in the playground.

Thames Valley Police confirmed that one of the girls required medical attention after taking the pill.

While we don’t condone drug taking, at least being in trouble meant that they didn’t have to deal with actually meeting David Cameron