These Ultra-Luxurious Floating Homes Look Incredible

house1Kleindienst Group

If you have $12 million spare you may want to think about moving to Dubai.

A property development company has just launched a fleet of floating homes in The Heart of Europe – Dubai’s man-made reconstruction of European nations. The first house went for $2.8 million (or about £2 million), but now the company are stepping their game up and building even larger ones for $12 million (about £8,300,000).

If you’re familiar with the large chain of manmade islands in Dubai known as ‘The World’, that’s where the houses are being anchored. They’re called the ‘Floating Seahorse’ – and they look incredible.

house3Kleindienst Group

Having already sold through the first two phases, the third edition of seahorses will surround St. Petersburg island and be connected to the Main Europe island by way of floating jetties – all of which they’re hoping to have ready this October, Business Insider reports.

The Floating Seahorse homes are the product of more than 5,000 hours of research and 13,000 hours of design and engineering, according to their design firm Kleindienst Group.

It’s a lavish way of living, but if you can’t afford it (which is most of us), they’re at least fun to look at.

house4Kleindienst Group

The underwater portion of the house (which is probably the coolest part anyway) will have a master bedroom and bathroom – with a 500-square-foot coral garden outside.

Kleindienst said at an unveiling even in May 2015 that the coral reef beneath the luxury homes will actually be artificial, but it will be a protected area where actual seahorses will be able to breed.

If watching seahorses from your bedroom wasn’t cool enough, you’d also have a massive floating bed/deck outside and an observation deck above water if you bought one of these houses.

house2Kleindienst Group

The down side to being in the middle of the water though is that the only way to get back to the mainland would be by boat or seaplane – not exactly easy.

But I’m sure most of us wouldn’t be complaining though considering we’d be living in a kick-ass floating house.

If only.