These Uni Students Threw A Party So Insane The Air Was Drunk

by : UNILAD on : 09 Mar 2016 14:30
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Have you ever been to a party so insane the air was drunk?


Tyler Steinhardt, 22, threw one at the house he leases to American University fraternity Pi Kappa Alpha, and there were tons of underage drinkers there, CBS News reports.

The party was so out of control that neighbours of the Maryland property called the police – and it took 30 officers to break it up.

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When police went inside, they found more than 200 underage drinkers partying on the first floor, another 50-75 people crammed in the garage, and some more hiding under beds and in closets. The floorboards were also reportedly seeping alcohol.


Conditions were so fucked that the officers took a preliminary breathalyser test of the property, and it scored 0.09 – over the legal limit in Maryland. Basically, the air itself was too drunk to drive.

And, the place was so packed, officers estimated the temperature to be around 37 degrees. Who needs a vacation?

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Luckily for Tyler, supplying alcohol to minors isn’t a criminal offence in Maryland, but he’s still facing fines of up to $2,500 (£1,760) per underage drinker – which, for the 200 underage attendees, adds up to a hefty $250,000 (£176,000) fine.

And his friend, Jamieson Tymann, 21, allegedly punched an officer when he was asked to leave. So he’s screwed too.

Definitely one for the record books.

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