They Managed To Save These Plates And The World Can Relax Again

by : Tom Percival on : 19 Nov 2016 12:17
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One of the greatest things about the internet is its ability to worry about minutia, like a picture of some knocked over plates. 


Yes, this week the world-wide web waited with worried anticipation to see how someone would open a glass cupboard with a set of bowls trapped mid-fall inside.

The photo was posted by a Taiwanese Facebook user, Tseng Shao-Tsen, who put it on a closed group over the weekend where it was shared the world over eventually receiving 16,000 likes.


According to Tseng, his friend took the photo and was ‘shocked and frustrated when she saw what happened to the cupboard’ and genuinely wanted help fixing from the internet.


Of course the internet being the internet (half-full of know-it-alls) plenty of people believed they had a solution, with some suggesting using a blanket to catch them while others thought porcelain Jenga was the way forward.

Meanwhile the other half of the internet (nihlists) thought the cupboard was a lost cause and suggested indulging in crockery based genocide.


Thankfully this story has a happy ending as Tseng’s friend ultimately managed to open the cupboard and save the bowls by opening the door slightly, using her hand to hold the bowls before pushing the door further open.

But prepare yourself dear reader because this is when shit gets real it, turns out there’s another layer to ‘The Saga of the Crooked Crockery’.

It seems that Tseng may have been telling porkie pies though as Buzzfeed report that the photo first appeared a month ago in a tweet by a hotel in Tottori, Japan, called Ryokan Suigou.


Ryokan Suigou also tweeted their solution to the saga proving conclusively that they were the ones who fixed this serious saucer situation which was caused by an earthquake.


Since then Tseng’s admitted to not taking the photo but says that his comments were taken out of context by someone who he didn’t realise was a journalist.

I’m just glad they sorted it although had it been me I would have cut my losses and never opened the cupboard again…

Tom Percival

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