Thief Snaps Her Leg After Stealing Packages From Doorstep

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jan 2018 20:14

A thief who broke her leg while in the middle of stealing packages, learnt crime absolutely does not pay.


The heavy dose of karma happened in a street in Snohomish County, Washington and was caught on a home security camera.

In the clip, you see her apparent accomplice come and help her get away.

Here’s the clip:

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Despite the thief’s serious injury, the pair still managed to get away with the goods – although there was probably some explaining to do in ER afterwards?

The footage shows them arriving not long after a UPS delivery driver had dropped off three parcels at the side door of the property.

The woman is shown on camera driving past in her black car and spotting the unguarded parcels just left on the doorstep, so makes the decision to jump out of the vehicle to run up and steal them.


Running over the garden to pick up the parcels, the thief temporarily disappears out of view of the camera as she picks up her parcel haul, before coming back into the shot – carrying the goods.

In true karma fashion, she tries to quickly make her way back to the car, but she’s captured slipping on wet grass and breaking her leg.

An accomplice, who’s obviously seen the thief has fallen down, jumps out of the car to help, even going so far as to carry her back to the car.


Having taken the woman back to the car, the man makes his way back for the boxes before the pair drive off with their illegally gotten haul.

Lizeth Ababneh, the homeowner whose camera caught the whole fiasco, told reports it wasn’t entirely a laughing matter as the boxes contained medication for her husband.

Apparently, her home wasn’t the only house the bumbling thieves hit, they also reportedly stole from one of Ababneh’s neighbours’ houses during their little spree.

The local county sheriff’s office is now investigating the theft.

Should probably check medical records for a broken leg?

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