Thigh-High UGG Boots For Men Are Now A Thing

by : UNILAD on : 19 Jan 2018 09:21
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Determining what’s in style and what isn’t can be very contentious, it’s all down to personal preference and how confident you are in your decision to rock with what you’ve got.

Own it, dammit!


That being said I’m pretty confident that the general consensus on UGG boots is frowned upon… and thigh-high UGG boots for men is an absolute no-no.

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But of course, someone at this year’s A/W Paris Fashion Week is attempting to try and make it a thing. ‘Why?’ you ask, because ‘fashion’, that’s why.

Look, I’ll be honest with you, UGGs will forever be a turn off for me, it’s your thing then by all means go for it, don’t let my opinion put you off from wearing and enjoying whatever ‘that’ is on your feet.


But if my experience in fashion journalism has taught me anything it’s that UGGs will never ever be acceptable. At least when women wear it they do so with grace and confidence, so I can let it slide.

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However, when a man wears UGGs it’s almost like they’ve given up on life, it says ‘I no longer care about my wellbeing’ while asking for a DNA test on the Jeremy Kyle Show. So why Y/Project’s creative director, Glenn Martens thought this would be the next big thing is beyond me.

Speaking at Fashion Week he said:


The UGG Classic boot is one of the most recognisable shoes in history. It’s timeless and challenging design made it a worldwide statement.

Y/Project is about challenges. Since launch we’ve been twisting the grounded codes, we challenged the acceptable and triggered people by putting focus on the unexpected.

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Martens does have a point, I suppose, a designer’s main goal should be to challenge and subvert the norms of what is stylish and cool.

When you think about innovators like Tinker Hatfield, Bruce Kilgore and Virgil Abloh they have pushed the boundaries of footwear design and in turn have influenced the footwear game for the better.

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But the Y/Project’s UGG boot collection falls completely flat on its face, the intentions of innovation and subversion are there but let’s be honest, no one in their right mind would walk down the high street in a pair of these.

Or would they?

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