Things Aren’t Looking Good For Doctor Who Attacked Uber Driver

uber madYouTube / Juan Cinco

The colossal bellend who attacked and abused an Uber driver in Miami, has had her job terminated after a video of the incident went viral three months ago. 

The five-minute clip sparked outrage when it first surfaced, and showed viewers an absolutely trashed young woman insulting and attacking a calm Uber driver, before going onto systematically destroy the interior of his car – throwing its contents out onto the street.

The woman was quickly identified as Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth year neurology resident at the Jackson Health System – however as soon as the footage emerged, her contract there was suspended. Now, it has been terminated, reports the Daily Mail.

Apparently, Anjali had hopped into the back-seat of an Uber cab which wasn’t hers and refused to get out.

Then her tirade of abuse began and didn’t seem like it was ever going to stop.

At one point she even screamed: ‘get the f*** in the car, you piece of f***ing disgusting s***’. Nice kid…


However I guess it isn’t as black and white as it all sounds as the doctor later said:

It was probably one of the worst days of my life. I was caught at my lowest moment.

Speaking on Good Morning America, she went onto talk about how she had split from her boyfriend of two years on that same day, and that her father had been hospitalised – prompting her to drink more than she probably (or definitely) should have.

I guess she just has to be thankful that the driver decided not to press charges.