Bookies Thought These Things Were As Likely As Trump’s Nomination


Donald Trump has secured the Republican nomination for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, and he has certainly proved a few people wrong in doing so.

With his head-scratching plans to have Mexico build and pay for a wall at the border, his Islamophobic rhetoric, and complete lack of political experience, bookies would have given you good odds on the floppy haired businessman getting on the ballot.

We spoke to Paddy Power, who confirmed when the market opened Donald was 100-1 to become commander-in-chief, and 40-1 to become the GOP candidate.

Those are longer odds than they are currently giving on alien life to be proven in 2016!

The Irish bookmaker confirmed that the odds of proving we are not alone in the universe by the end of the calendar year is just 25-1.

That particular market will be settled by the sitting U.S. President confirming, without doubt, the existence of ‘alternative, intelligent life beings from another planet.’

Here are some other things the bookies think are just as likely as Trump’s Republican candidacy…

Helen Mirren to become the next Doctor Who…

Poland to be crowned Euro 2016 champions.

Gillian Anderson to be cast as the next Bond.

The UK to win Eurovision 2017…

And Leicester City to retain the Premier League title also comes in at 40-1.

Will we see proof of alien life in 2016, who knows? But hopefully the odds were set shorter than Trump’s opening price to become El Presidente for a reason.