Third Annabelle Movie Is Coming In Summer 2019

by : Julia Banim on : 30 Apr 2018 20:50
Third Annabelle Film Coming Next YearThird Annabelle Film Coming Next YearJulia Banim

There aren’t many creepier things on Earth than a porcelain doll with a malevolent stare, as the success of Annabelle has proven.

Horror fans were petrified by the glassy eyed menace after she first appeared in 2013’s The Conjuring.


She proved to be popular enough to warrant a spinoff film all of her own, simply entitled Annabelle, as well as a freaky as heck prequel Annabelle: Creation.

But just when you thought it was safe to cosy up in your trusty, creaky rocking chair; it appears the demonic doll is coming back. And, as per, she won’t be particularly game for hair plaiting or tea parties.

Last week, New Line Cinema dropped a mysterious 2019 release date for the next offering from their gruesome Conjuring franchise.


Film buffs were uncertain about what the focus would be, with some speculating this could well be The Crooked Man or Conjuring 3.

However, The Hollywood Reporter has now revealed how this will actually be an, as of yet unnamed, Annabelle project.

Let’s all remind ourselves why we shouldn’t play with Annabelle below:


It looks set to be worth the wait. This new adventure will be the directorial debut of Gary Dauberman, who wrote the previous Annabelle films.

Dauberman, who’ll also pen this latest update on the Barbie from hell, has become a hot name in the world of horror.

He was part of the writing team behind 2017 mega hit It, as well as the eagerly anticipated sequel. Dauberman is also helping to adapt classic horror TV series Are You Afraid of the Dark for the silver screen.

Details about any potential storylines are currently being kept firmly under lock and key, but we can rest assured Annabelle won’t be playing nice.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Speaking about the potential for a third Annabelle film back in 2017, Dauberman told iHorror:

I think this movie [Annabelle: Creation] will prove by the end of it that there is more to the Annabelle story that needs to be told.

I mean, the mere fact that she’s a doll kind of allows that. How many kids out there have the same doll? Visually, I mean. Same packaging, same hair, same eyes, same whatever. But it’s unique to them, right?

Same doll but each kid creates a different back-story, a different history, a different story which makes their doll their very own even though it might look like a million others out there.

It’s kind of the opposite for Annabelle. She remains the same but the people she encounters all have different stories and different fears and she’s going to use those for her own purposes until you discover — much too late — that she isn’t the toy… you are.

And she’s playing you.


Cripes. Well, there’s me turning on every light in the house when I get home…

Warner Bros. Pictures

Conjuring fans apparently cannot wait to see the demented toy wreak chaos once again.

One fan enthused:

Annabelle: Creation was awesome. I’m hype for the sequel [sic]

Another wisely said:

As long as she doesn’t come to my home we’ll be fine tbh

The third Annabelle movie will tiptoe into cinemas July 3, 2019 – and will also most probably lurk underneath your seat plotting your doom…

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