Third Mysterious Monolith Has Now Appeared In California

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 03 Dec 2020 07:53
Third Mysterious Monolith Has Now Appeared In CaliforniaAtownreporter/Twitter

A third mysterious metal monolith has appeared; this time, on top of a mountain in the small town of Atascadero, California.

The unusual discovery comes just a week after the very similar-looking metal structure found in deep in Utah’s Red Rock desert disappeared, as mysteriously as it had first appeared.


This time, the silver column was found on Pine Mountain by a group of hikers, and since then many have made the trip up to see it for themselves.

According to reports in local newspaper Atascadero News, this monolith isn’t cemented in the ground as firmly as the Utah artwork, and could probably be knocked over if someone were to try.

It reported:


The three-sided obelisk appeared to be made of stainless steel, 10-feet tall and 18 inches wide. The object was welded together at each corner, with rivets attaching the side panels to a likely steel frame inside.

This is the third metal column which has been discovered recently, after a metal monolith also appeared on a Romanian hillside. The 13-foot-tall artwork was found on Doamnei Hill in the city of Piatra Neamţ, a week ago, November 26.

It bears a striking resemblance to both the Utah monolith and the California monolith, except this one has been installed on private land.


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The unusual appearances began on November 18, when a group of sheep counters travelling in a helicopter spotted the Utah monolith on the ground below.

However, the flagship metal column, which sparked the interests of conspiracy theorists all over the world, disappeared last Friday, November 27, and officials have no idea where it went.

The state’s Bureau of Land Management announced the disappearance in a statement, insisting that they hadn’t been the ones to remove the structure – ‘which is considered private property’ – and adding that it would not be investigating the disappearance. It says it has handed the matter over to the local sheriff’s office.

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Despite them bearing uncanny similarities, it’s impossible to know whether all three of the monoliths were installed by the same people, as no one – except the culprits themselves – really know where they came from.

A number of theories have emerged, from aliens to statement artists, but will we ever truly get to the bottom of it?

According to IQ Hunter, a professor from De Montfort University, it’s better if we don’t find out where they came from, because knowing the secret would spoil the mystery.

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