This £200m French Mansion Could Be Most The Expensive Home In The World

by : UNILAD on : 16 Dec 2015 17:23

A French mansion has reportedly become the world’s most expensive home after selling for a jaw-dropping £200 million.


Chateau Louis XIV – browsed as a potential wedding location by Kim Kardashian in 2013 – is a 50,000 sq/ft mega-home located on the outskirts of Paris. Featuring ten bedroom suites, a grand reception room with a 52ft-high frescoed dome ceiling, a library, huge wine cellar, aquarium and a number of entertaining rooms, the super-swanky palace is certainly not short of space.


It was completed in 2011 by Saudi developer Emad Khashoggi who employed 200 people to spend three years building the Versaille-style home. The builders used 13 types of marble and 15,000 sheets of gold during construction and rumour has it that there are 650ft of leather-embossed books on the shelves.

But it doesn’t end there – on top of all that there are indoor and outdoor pools, a private cinema, two ballrooms and a nightclub as well as a 2km maze which sits in the 23 hectare estate. You may think all this would make it an obvious target for burglars, but it is also incredibly secure, boasting 40 state-of-the-art surveillance cameras which can be viewed remotely via iPad as well as a high-tech alarm system.


According to Bloomberg, the secretive sale – believed to be in the region of €275 million (£200 million) – was sealed by Christie’s International Realty, topping the £140m paid for a penthouse in One Hyde Park last year and making it the most expensive home in the world.

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