This 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Company Made Her $1 Million In First Year

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GoodnessMe BoxGoodnessMe BoxGoodnessMe Box

This entrepreneur found a niche in the market which led her business to turn over 1 million Australian dollars (about £47000) in the first year.

Peta Shulman, 26, founded GoodnessMe in 2014, health food sampling company that sends customers five to ten samples direct to their door for $25 (£12), the Daily Mail reported.

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Ms Shulman, from Sydney, came up with the idea when she fell ill with an auto-immune disease, and set out to try and help her condition by eating well.

She told Daily Mail Australia:

I became passionate with the whole idea of food as medicine and showing people the real healing power of food as well.

I always wanted to start a PR agency myself and this really evolved to GoodnessMe Box as I realised this was a really cost effective way for brands to get their product out there, and I was able to use my marketing skills and combine it with my passion.

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And the company has been incredibly successful so far, the boxes totally sold out in the first six months.

After gaining 10,000 followers on Instagram in 10 days Ms Shulman decided to take more staff on, with a team of six now producing the boxes, which contain a selection of different wholesome products each month.



She told the Mail her secrets to running a successful business:

Number one it is really important to understand your customer, you can’t be everything to everyone so know your target market.

Persistence is key, you will get shut down by people and it is a matter of getting up and trying again.

Utilise social media, it is a cost effective and free medium and a great way to talk directly to your customers and show that the business has a soul.

And finally I think also know your higher purpose at the end of the day and that will drive you to use your business as a vehicle for change.


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    Entrepreneur, 26, builds a million-dollar company selling boxes of health food for $25 - and they sell out every month!