This 4-Year-Old Boy Is More Popular On YouTube Than PewDiePie And Justin Bieber



Step aside all YouTubers, Ryan ToysReview has just video-topped your PokemonGo Hacks and catchy riffs… And he’s only four-years-old.

ICYMI, children unboxing toys is a trend on YouTube that Ryan has been nailing since last March – but he’s not been playing with the big boys in the mainstream until now.

With more than 585.3 million views in July alone, Ryan is the face of the most-watched YouTube channel ever.

At last count, Ryan’s most successful video has nearly 500 million views and his cute AF reactions have earned him a loyal following of over 4 million subscribers.

Somewhere on the web former King of YouTube, PewDiePie‘s heart just broke in two – perhaps if he vlogged the event he’d smash his previous record of 16,676,428 views and be able to match Ryan’s stats.

Just to break them down for you, Ryan ToysReview gets an average of 19.4 million views per day. That’s 807,090 views per hour; 13,541 views per minute; and 224.2 views per second.


In an interview with The Daily Dot, Ryan’s parents (who chose to remain anonymous) tried to explain the channel’s success.

Ryan’s dad said:

Our largest demographic is children aged 3 to 7 years old. Most of our viewers are in the US, but Ryan also has a sizable following in the UK and in the Philippines.

Ryan has a lot of extended family outside of the US, so YouTube was a great way to share childhood memories with them. It’s also a great way for us to spend more time together as a family and to bond with him.

Due to the success of the channel Ryan’s mum – who was a YouTube novice just over a year ago – has left her job as a teacher to focus on the channel full-time.

But the young YouTube sensation is definitely at the centre of the newfound family business, and Ryan’s mum is determined the channel will only continue as long as he enjoys himself.

With an ever-growing room full of shiny new toys, though, we’re pretty sure the lucky tyke will be into this career trajectory. Move over, Biebs, the kids are the future.

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We all knew the younger generation was going to take over the world one day, but we were hoping to have a few more years on top.

No such luck. Thanks Ryan, for making us feel fucking old and useless.