This Amazing 12-Year-Old Girl Spent Her Christmas Helping The Homeless

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jan 2016 19:40
Jennifer Breading-Goodrich

Embracing the seasonal mantra of goodwill, one 12-year-old girl in Arizona spent Christmas trying to make a difference and help the less fortunate.


Makenna Breading-Goodrich was worried about the homeless people in her local area, especially because of the winter weather, so she went door-to-door to collect more than 1,000 coats to help.

The youngster has walked around her Surprise, Arizona neighbourhood every December for the last four years collecting jackets and hoodies in her trusty red wagon, as part of her charitable organisation Makenna’s Coats for a Cause.

After her collection, Makenna sorted all the jackets into kids and adults, separated the hoodies and sweaters, then dropped off the boxes of clothing at Phoenix Rescue Mission, a shelter which provides food, shelter and recovery services for the homeless.


Yep, this just happened! Thank you Butler Design Group for the very generous donation!

Posted by Makenna's Coats for a Cause on Thursday, 10 December 2015

Speaking to People, she said:

It gets really cold around here at night, like 30 degrees [Fahrenheit], and I want to make sure homeless people aren’t walking around without jackets or blankets at night! I just want people to know someone cares about them. Something small can make a big difference. I want this to spread. A little kindness can inspire others!

Most people say, ‘I would do stuff like you do if I had more time’. But I make time for this because it’s important to me. And if people truly cared, they would make time too. If I was out there, I would want someone to care for me. We should care about those that are in need, like they would do for us if we were in need.

What an amazing effort. If only more people around the world were as kind as this seventh-grader!

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    12-Year-Old Arizona Girl Collects 1,000 Coats for the Homeless in Her Wagon: 'I Just Want People to Know Someone Cares About Them'