This Argument About Feet On A Train Seat Quickly Becomes One About Religion



This video of an argument about feet up on a train seat has gone viral, but not for the reason you might expect.

What started out as an argument about a woman having her feet up on a seat, very quickly turned to religion.

Ruby Butler filmed the video, and then posted it on her Facebook page with the status: ‘So on my way home today on the train I got abused… for having my feet on the chair.’

The man objected to her resting her feet on the seat on the train, which is fair enough. It is annoying. But what followed was an argument regarding religion, and ended with the man wanting to get her arrested.

The Muslim man says:

I cannot sit there. I cannot pray with my clothes on, OK? And I travel every day.

Not really sure where he is going with that one, her feet are now off the seat. Him travelling every day is rather irrelevant.

A bystander chips in, saying that he ‘agrees with him 100 percent, but she’s just not worth arguing with’, which she agrees with, saying that she’s ‘tired’ and has ‘had a long day’.

Ruby Butler, the woman who was at the centre of, and filmed, the altercation.

Ruby Butler, the woman who was at the centre of, and filmed, the altercation.

Another guy decided to step in, and didn’t really help matters by rather pointlessly saying “This is England, bruv”.

The Muslim man replied, saying:

Don’t argue with me. I know this is England, I was born here, OK? I have as much right as you have, OK.

It then gets daft, as the two square up, and the Muslim man then says he is going to phone the police about it, which Ruby welcomed.

It seems like a storm in a teacup, and majorly unnecessary. Her feet were on the seat, so yeah, ask her to move them. If she doesn’t then an argument is likely to happen. We don’t get to see the whole thing, because she doesn’t start filming until the kick-off is underway, so perhaps that is how it started. It seems odd that the guy brings his religion into it. If he ‘can’t pray with his clothes on’, I don’t see how that is relevant. I’d also be interested in hearing how the police respond to a call saying “A woman had her feet up on the seats on the train”.

I don’t side with either of the parties involved, really. It all seems like nonsense to me. Which side are you on?