This Artist Has Made Epic Photo Collages Of Himself Hanging With Celebrities


One clever visual artist has decided to hang out with celebrities by creating a series of collages which place him alongside images of his famous “friends”.

Jon Burgerman has titled the amusing series of works ‘Jon’s Famous Friends’ and it’s a pretty interesting comment on our celeb obsessed culture.

Speaking to ‘It’s Nice That’, Jon said:

I’m also trying to show that in most cases these things are actually pretty mundane. So I’m ‘hanging out’ with celebrities, but we’re not doing anything that fascinating. Celebrities’ Instagram feeds are often littered with multiple selfies and photos of their cats. They’re just as dull as us normal people!

It’s a fair point, although Jon has rather livened up the images by licking Cara Delevingne, ruffling Justin Bieber’s hair and, best of all, teaching Donald Trump how to read. And he’s only used regular Instagram tools to create the cool images.

Check out the best of the bunch below: