This Awesome Dad Makes The Best School Dinners Ever


Beau Coffron makes the best school dinners. That’s a fact.

The Bay Area father of two has no artistic background, but that hasn’t stopped him from making these amazing lunches for his kids. He started as away to show his daughter that he was thinking of her when she started kindergarten.

He now makes both his kids a special themed lunch every Sunday night.


He told BuzzFeed Life:

All the lunches have been inspired by what my kids are watching and reading. When they get really interested in a topic, I design a lunch around it. It has helped me to really pay attention to what they’re into.

I figure you have to make your child a lunch anyway — why not spend 20 minutes or so more and make it a fun memory? Some people set aside extra time to go to the gym, watch TV, look over Pinterest, or troll on Facebook. I choose to use the time this way.

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You can check out more of his lunchbox artwork on his website.

Best. Dad. Ever.