This Battlefield 1 Player Just Went On Mind Boggling Kill Streak



It’s no secret that the tanks in Battlefield 1 are not to be fucked with. In fact, some would probably sat that these tanks are overpowered – or ‘OP af’, as the kids probably don’t say.

Clearly looking to prove the argument that tanks in DICE’s World War I shooter are maybe a bit much, player SamL97 recently hopped in one of the metal monsters and dished out a sickening killing spree.

Achieving a score of 105-0 on St. Quentin Scar map, SamL97 clearly didn’t make any friends in this particular game – check out his performance below.

SamL97’s play style came under a fair bit of fire from a number of internet commentators (shocking, I know), with many complaining that he didn’t deserve to win because he sat in the tank and didn’t help play the objective.

Our intrepid tank driver argues that he used the tank to take out enemies that were going for his teammates, which seems fair to me.

Personally, if I were playing a game and I got something (like a tank) that would help me win, I’d go right ahead and get as much use out of it as I could.


Then again, I’m shit at Battlefield, so I need pretty much all the help I can get.