This Beautiful Italian Village Is Offering People €2,000 To Move There

beautiful italian villageWikipedia/Davide Papalini

Italy is often thought of as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Pizza, pasta, wine, amazing scenery and gorgeous people… the list is endless.

Yet one beautiful Italian village is so concerned that it will become a ghost town, they are considering offering €2,000 to anyone who will move there.

beautiful italian villageCity of Bormida

Bormida is in the northern mountainous region of Italy near Genoa, and has a population of just 394 people.

The mayor of the village, Daniele Galliano, posted to Facebook saying he was thinking about the policy to entice people to the area.

He also indicated that prospective residents would pay as little as €50 a month in rent.

beautiful italian villageLuigi Maccio

The proposals will apparently take around two months to roll out and the incentive has been met with great enthusiasm on Facebook, with some users asking when and where they can sign.

One user, Heather Butler said: “Great idea! Sign me up! I will keep practicing my Italian!”

Ed Carey even suggested using the open space to alleviate the homeless refugee population in Italy.

People have been attracted to the town not just by the financial incentive, but by the promise of a simpler life.

With Genoa 50 miles away, the pace of life would certainly be slower, although one councillor highlighted that the air is very clean in this beautiful Italian village

Beautiful Italian VillageDaniele Galliano/Facebook

The village only has four restaurants so recreation is a bit thin on the ground but with more people moving there that would be likely to change.

It looks like the dream just became a reality!