This Bizarre Rich Kid Fight On A Ski Slope Is Just Confusing

by : UNILAD on : 26 Mar 2016 10:40

This video of two rich kids arguing and fighting on a ski slope in Canada is pretty fucking confusing.


You’d think if two wealthy teens were to have a war of words about their respective family’s money, they’d be focusing on how much richer they were than the other guy.

But that’s not the case in this video, which seems to be a battle to prove who is the poorest rich kid on the slopes – and of course, because it’s Canada they’re pretty polite all the way through.

After an initial confrontation the guy in blue and red sucker punches the guy in black and gets his ass kicked for it.


The guy in black lays off him fairly quickly, though, and the red and blue kid comes out with a bizarre rant about how much wealthier the other guy’s family is, saying: “Your dad’s got way more money than mine”, in a whiny voice.

He carries on: “Your grandparents own C.O.P [Calgary Olympic Park]… My dad’s only got like $5 mil… I’ve never driven any of my dad’s cars ever.”

d3eelF1 - Imgurd3eelF1 - Imgur

The guy in black seems understandably confused by the whole thing, and 10 seconds later they’re back at it brawling on the slope.

The kid in red and blue seems to just be coming at the other guy, then complaining when he fights back and winging about much poorer he is, with only $5 mil in the bank…

Guy in black: “I don’t know why you’re doing this?” Me neither, mate.

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