This British Man’s Wilderness Survival Story Is Brutal

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As far as rough nights go, this guy had it pretty bad.

His story has been compared to The Revenant by The Sun, and we can see why, as this London man’s survival tale definitely shares some parallels with the Oscar-nominated film.

Janveer Sandhu explained how he needed all of his survival skills after crashing into a tree on a ski trip in Bulgaria.

The 30-year-old was left with a bloody nose and was stranded alone in the Bulgarian wilderness overnight. He had to fend for himself after a pack of wolves started to follow him, and ditched his heavy ski boots in a bid to get away from the pack faster.


Sandhu said:

My face went straight into the tree. My nose was bleeding. I was completely alone.

I saw three wolves coming my way. My survival instinct kicked in. My heart was beating so fast.

I started to move away but I realised I was going too slowly. I decided to give up on my skis and my heavy boots.

My adrenaline had kicked in. I wasn’t thinking about my feet — I just wanted to save my life.

At some points I was buried up to my waist in the snow.

When night fell I couldn’t see a thing. My body was tired. I did everything to get out of where I was. I decided to find a safe space and to wait until morning.

I was so thirsty I was eating snow to keep hydrated. I was trying to keep myself awake.

I just thought ‘I’m going to live, I am alive, I am not going to die in the mountains’. I cheated death.

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Fortunately, Sandhu stumbled across a road and hitched a ride to a ski shop the next morning.

He was later taken to the Bulgarian capital for hospital treatment and, understandably, doctors were concerned for his legs. They were able to save them from amputation, though, and he is currently being treated for frostbite in a hospital in Essex.

What a night. We hope he has a speedy recovery.