This Brutal Knockout Is The Fastest In MMA History


Three years ago, on the 15th March 2014, Mike Garrett came into the Octagon against Sam Heron. After just a second of fighting, the bout was over. 

What had happened? As the opening bell of the first round drifted to silence, Garrett launched a hammering right kick to Heron’s head and utterly poleaxed him – setting a new world record for the quickest KO in the MMA – 1.1 seconds.

The fight, if you can call it that, was part of the MMA’s Warrior Challenge 76kg welterweight bout in London.


In the immediate aftermath of the bout, Garrett explained that he had done everything he intended to, saying:

I didn’t really come with a gameplan, just to do what I do best and kick.

And boy did he kick.

However – Garrett can throw a pretty devestating hook too as he displayed just a matter of months later when he KO’d another opponent in 3.5 seconds.

Now I’m not saying Garrett’s a world champion, or even much of a contender for that matter, but one thing is certain – he is an absolute knockout merchant.