This Cab Driver Has Been Recognised As ‘Australian Of The Day’



Tejinder Singh, a Sikh cab driver, has recently been awarded ‘Australian of the Day’ because every month he has been giving the residents of Darwin a free feed. What’s super impressive is that Mr Singh has been doing it for three years straight.

“When I do something good, I’ve got too much energy, I say I’m doing something for homeless people, so they give me more energy, so I’m happy,” said Mr Singh. He rejects monetary support because he believes it’s simple and it’s for mankind.

mr singh2

Mr Singh with his selfless family.

mr singh1

He cooks after wrapping up his shift at 7am on a Sunday morning.

mr singh3

“My religion says 10% of income goes to needy and poor people.”

mr singh4

His son, Navdeep, helps deliver the food all around the city.

‘Australian of the Day’ is an initiative sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Photographers are sent out to capture the lives of ordinary Aussies doing extraordinary work.