This Cafe Lets Customers Choose Their Own Bikini-Wearing ‘Wife’ To Wait On Them

Ore no Yome

Nobody likes to dine alone, and a new cafe has come up with a unique way around that particular predicament.

Themed cafe’s are kind of the in-thing nowadays, with food/coffee establishments dedicated to cereal, cats, owls and more popping up all over the UK.

But, as is often the case, Japan has taken things to another, increasingly bizarre level.

The country already has a cuddling cafe, a goat cafe, a bath cafe, a vampire cafe, a rabbit cafe, but its outdone itself with this latest theme.

Ore no Yome

New venture ‘Ore no Yome’ in the Higashi Ikebukuro neighbourhood of Tokyo literally translates to ‘My Wife’ and it pretty much does what it says on the tin, offering lonely and hungry customers the chance to be waited on by their own wife.

Customers phone the cafe ahead of time to give their name and then, upon arrival, they’re met by their acting wife for the evening, who is wearing only a bikini and a kitchen apron. Because that’s how this whole marriage thing works, apparently.

The wife/waitress will call the customer by name and play the role of their wife for the evening while cooking and serving them their meal.

Ore no Yome

The advertisement for the cafe sums it all up pretty nicely:

As soon as you know what time you’ll be home, let me know dear! I’ll get your dinner ready.

Customers can even peruse the available ‘wives’ on the cafe’s website, which includes information about the waitresses’ birthdays, measurements, favourite foods and even what kind of bed they prefer to sleep in, which is veering dangerously close to a very different type of business.

Oh, and single ladies need not feel left out. There’s also an option for female customers to order their own topless husband for the night, because of course there is. We’re not sure why the guys are wearing cycling shorts though…