This Cancelled Open World Superman Game Actually Looked Amazing


Simply put, poor old Superman hasn’t had a great time of it in the world of videogames. After a string of adventures that were at best dull and at worst absolute shit (the less said about Superman 64 the better) it seems like the Man of Steel just can’t get it right.

The team over at Did You Know Gaming? have recently put together a new video that shows off an open world Superman game that was in development back in 2007.

It looked ambitious and exciting. It looked like a superhero game we could be proud of. It got cancelled, obviously.

The game (code named Blue Steel) was apparently in development at UK studio Factor 5, and would have been published by another company that has since closed, Brash Entertainment.

This proposed Superman adventure wasn’t going to be tied down by any particular comic book or disappointing film. Instead, it was set to be a celebration of the hero, incorporating elements and enemies from across his colourful history.

The developers were also planning to have fully destructible environments into which you could pound the likes of Zod and Doomsday. The idea of a Superman game that genuinely reflects the immense power the guy has sounds like an incredible idea – but it just wasn’t to be.

Check out the video below for the full skinny on what went down – and to get a glimpse of some early footage. Both developer and publisher closed down within months of each other, and all we’re left with is the idea of a great Superman game.

So will Superman ever get the game he deserves? Certain rumours suggest that Rocksteady – who found success with the incredible Batman: Arkham games – are actually taking on old Supes next. Maybe his time to shine isn’t too far off.