This Cat Loves School So Much, He’s Been Officially Made A Student



Meet Bubba the cat, probably the coolest cat around. Seriously.

Now while most cats spend their days asleep or eating, Bubba has a bit of a different hobby, and despite the best efforts of his family to keep him indoors, Bubba is firmly an outdoor cat.

Not only does he enjoy having a bit of a walk about and prowling around the neighbourhood, Bubba actually attends school.


Yeah, you read that right. The cat has turned up at the local school, Leland High School, so many times that he has now been issued his own I.D card.

Bubba chills in lockers, he has a bit of a rest in the staff room and he sits on a chair in class. Pretty impressive for a cat, who seems to be happier at school than the majority of students do.


Amazing stuff.