This Cat Saved His Owner From A Life Of Addiction And Homelessness

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One cat and his owner are on a rise to stardom after their amazing bond was revealed.


James Bowen was making a living on the streets selling the Big Issue when he met Bob the cat outside of sheltered accommodation in 2007.

Bowen had suffered with drug and alcohol addictions in the past, and was living in sheltered accommodation, with his future looking bleak.

Bob was injured at the time, after being attacked by another animal, and was limping, and after refusing to leave Bowen’s door, the man then let him in, and the rest was history.


Bob accompanied Bowen each day on the bus, when busking and selling the Big Issue, and quickly made a legion of fans.

This led to Bowen getting a huge amount of attention, being spotted by a reporter in 2010, and featuring in The Islington Tribune, calling Bob a ‘wonderful and loyal friend’.

When one publisher found out about the back story Bowen had, and his battle with addiction, they suggested his story was made into a book.

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The first book was published in 2012, entitled ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’, and since the success of said book, another five have followed, with a feature film, that will star Luke Treadaway, now in the works as well.

Filming will begin in October, and considering the first book has now sold more than a million copies in the UK alone, and been translated into 30 languages, it’s safe to say it will probably be a success.

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    The cat who helped his owner beat homelessness and addiction