This Cecil The Lion King Parody Video Is Pretty Brilliant


It was only a matter of time – the unfortunate story of Cecil the lion has been retold using footage from Disney’s The Lion King.

Produced by the fictional “Walt Palmer” pictures, a name inspired by the dentist from Minnesota who killed Cecil in Zimbabwe, the spoof movie trailer sees Simba out for revenge after his father’s death.

The funny video, courtesy of comedy troupe ‘So That Happened’, re-imagines the fallen Mustafa as the legendary Cecil.

And, in ‘The Lion King: The Retribution of Cecil’, the father has a simple message for his cub:

You must avenge my death, son. Board an airplane, fly to Minnesota and rip that dentist’s f*cking throat out!

Let’s just say, these characters aren’t taking the motto of ‘Hakuna Matata’ to heart!

Cecil also has an interesting interpretation of “the circle of life” in light of recent events, while the narrator raises some points about the mob mentality of social media.

Check out the hilarious trailer above.