This ‘Cheating Girlfriend’ Mannequin Challenge Escalates Very Quickly


This is probably by far the best Mannequin Challenge I have seen. Hands down. No competition. 


There are a fair few knocking around on the internet at the moment, but for fear factor and pure comedy value, this one’s the absolute winner.

Huffington Post put this video out there and praised it for its commitment and effort after it had gone viral on social media, so I had to take a look and it did not disappoint.

Be warned though, it might not be entirely what you were expecting…

Check it out:

Yeah… The guy did not hold back before whipping that gun out did he?

Escalated much.

Steady on there fella….


No need to go overboard…

The guy behind this trending video that had me on the edge of my seat, is Mo City King,  AKA King Keraun, AKA Keraun Harris, who is a YouTube personality, video maker and musician.

Interestingly, he has also been in prison twice and sports five previous convictions.


Perhaps we won’t tell him to calm down afterall…

It's gone back to the grown man ?

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It’s fair to say, the guy has turned his life around though and hooked up with online celebrity, Simone Shepherd, who was also involved in the Police Brutality version of the mannequin challenge, shared last week.

The two have teamed up as a duo and seem to be grabbing the internet realm by the balls with their funny vids.

Keep watch on these guys, as if they’re likes and shares are anything to by, they’ve got a few more tricks up their sleeve.

These guys are going nowhere.