This ‘Colour Illusion’ Is Driving People Mad


First we saw the dress, then we saw the jacket, and now we have this random colour…

According to the Daily Mail, there is a massive divide over whether or not the colour in question is green or blue.

Check it out:


What do you think?

Well if you said you believe it is green then you are in agreement with the majority of those surveyed by Optical Express.

64 per cent of those questioned said green, and just 32 per cent were reported to think blue.

The numbers changed dramatically when compared next to other shades of blue though.

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 16.30.08Bentley

When looking at the same colour in this chart 90 per cent of those surveyed said green.

And those people would technically be right as on the RGB colour spectrum its values are 0, 122 and 116 – yeah, me either.

So once more it is proven that we all see colour differently – but I imagine if people weren’t instructed to identify it as either green or blue they probably would have opted for teal, turquoise, or ‘sea green’ which I am reliably informed is a thing…