This Company Wants To Pay You £10k To Travel Around Britain

by : UNILAD on : 29 Sep 2016 14:24

The opportunity to travel to new places and do amazing things usually comes hand-in-hand with significant costs.


Having to save for accommodation, transportation, and living expenses can take a long time. Any by the time you get back from your trip, you have little to no money to start over with. Not an ideal situation for everyone.

But National Rail believes it has the answer to the problem; a part time job that pays you to travel around the UK.


The company is promoting its 16-25 railcard with the creation of a Chief Adventure Officer (CAO). The job is basically travelling around the UK as National Rail’s new CAO and vlogging about your experiences – while getting paid £10,000 a year to do it.


They’re looking for someone with ‘an adventurous spirit, a natural curiosity for new places and the desire to share travel experiences with the world,’ citing trampolining in Snowdonia and surfing around the Jurassic coast as possible paid-for trips that the CAO will be sent on, the Independent reports.

They’re calling it ‘the ultimate part-time job’ and they may just be right.


You do, however, have to be between the ages of 16 and 25, or a full-time mature student.

Fancy the job? Apply here. Once all applications have been received by the deadline of 16 October, the finalists will be put to a public vote to decide the winner.

Sounds like a kick-ass job.

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