This Conor McGregor Budweiser Advert Has Been Banned In Ireland

by : UNILAD on : 20 Mar 2016 18:45

Outspoken UFC superstar Conor McGregor is causing controversy once again, although this time it’s in his native Ireland.


‘The Notorious’ McGregor appears in Budweiser’s latest beer commercial and, despite its positive message of following your dreams, it appears Ireland’s national TV station RTE weren’t happy with it at all.

The advert, titled ‘Dream Big’, features McGregor giving a motivational speech as he walks the streets of his hometown Dublin, before the scenery around him transforms into Los Angeles.

As McGregor puts it: ‘If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough.’ So far, so awesome and inspirational, as far as we’re concerned.



However, according to UPROXX, RTE disagree and banned the advertisement on the basis that ‘it might encourage young people to drink alcohol.’ Erm…what?

The commercial, by the way, doesn’t actually show McGregor drinking any booze and features the requisite warnings about drinking responsibly, while Budweiser has defended the commercial, saying it ‘was pre-approved by an advertising vetting service.’

McGregor has had an interesting relationship with officials in his home country recently. His brash personality appears to rub some of them up the wrong way – they actually refused to organise homecoming celebrations for the 27-year-old after he beat José Aldo to win the UFC featherweight championship, and they only reconsidered after huge public outcry.

As if Conor doesn’t already have enough to worry about, coming off the back of his first loss in the UFC, now he has this added stress. Come on Ireland, just embrace your hometown hero already!

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    Conor McGregor’s Budweiser Ad Has Been Banned In Ireland For An Unusual Reason