This Could Be Most Brutal Moment On Bear Grylls’ ‘The Island’ Ever

islandChannel 4

A contestant on The Island with Bear Grylls has narrowly escaped with his life after plummeting 30ft off a cliff face.

19-year-old student Patrick Dauncey was scaling the island’s jagged coast line when he lost his footing, falling onto the rocks below, landing on his back reports The Mirror.

The group were searching for firewood when the incident occurred but fortunately one of the group, Dan Quemby, is a doctor and was able to reach Patrick to treat him.

He told Digital Spy:

I honestly thought I’d be speaking to the coroners. I honestly thought at best he would be paralysed, or at worst he would be dead.

Dan also said he believes Patrick would be dead had he not been wearing a rucksack.

The timing of the accident couldn’t have been worse as a severe storm approached the island making it impossible for a rescue boat to get near Patrick.

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Viewers were left in suspense as to what state the teenager was in, with many flocking to social media to express their shock at the scenes:

Bear Grylls has previously said he is worried about injuries on the show, but let’s just be grateful that Patrick is alive to tell the tale.