This Could Be The Most Brutal Death Scene In Any Of 2015’s Films

bone-tomahawk-kurt-russell-680x400Bone Tomahawk

Bone Tomahawk was released a couple of weeks back, with a whole stable of famous faces including Kurt Russell, David Arquette and Matthew Fox . However it’s won’t be for the all star cast the movie will be remembered, but instead  the absolutely fucking awful death scene it contains.


A two-minute clip of the film’s dramatic death has found it’s way to you tube that has to be seen to be believed, but for those of a squeamish nature we’ll do our best to describe it.

In the scene Kurt Russell sit’s helplessly as he sees his mate being stripped by two unknown and silent men. They then pull out a bone tomahawk and use it to scalp the still conscious man.



The poor blokes suffering isn’t over though, his scalp’s stuffed in his mouth and the shaft of the tomahawks used to break his teeth, forcing the bloody scalp into his mouth. He’s then flipped upside down and cut down the middle with a blunt axe starting at his balls. Before they finish cutting though he’s physically pulled apart, complete with squelching and screaming.

pulled apart

Bone Tomahawk sees a team of cowboys led by Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Russell), trying to bring home some kidnapped settlers, but things take a dark turn when they’re attacked by a tribe of cannibal.

If you’re feeling brave watch it here, seriously though the sound effects alone are enough to make you wince.


Violence aside the films proving a hit with horror fans and is receiving very positive reviews, and currently has a respectable 89 per cent score on review site Rotten Tomatoes. So who knows, it could be bloody good fun.