This Could Be The Most Inappropriate Video To Watch On A Plane


If you’re a nervous flyer then you know it doesn’t take much to get your heart racing as you hurtle through the air in a giant metal tube 30,000 ft above sea level – dear God, flying is unnatural.

However, even the most seasoned of travellers would feel a nervous prickle if they turned round and saw someone watching one of the worst air disasters of all time, wouldn’t they?

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Well, that’s exactly what happened to one passenger who spotted a man watching footage of the 9/11 terror attack as their plane taxied to the runway.

Is it bad though that I’m such a pedantic bastard and scaredy-cat when it comes to flying, that I’d be more concerned about someone using their phone during take off than the disturbing content he’s watching.

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All I’m saying is that the pilots give us instructions for a reason, not for personal fun.

Unless, of course, this guy downloaded the video to his phone to watch it on the plane, which adds a whole new dimension of disturbing to an already awful situation.