This Donald Trump Mod For Civilization V Is Absolutely Perfect


Donald Trump, the man with a fart for a surname, has now bagged himself a starring role in a mod for Civilization V. If you didn’t want to sleep tonight, check it out and see what the world might be like if Mr Trump ever actually became leader of the free world.

Certain exclusive perks to the mod include changing the Great Wall of China to the Great Wall of America (to keep out those pesky immigrants), and the game’s infantry unit being replaced by Border Patrol, which is weaker but has a combat bonus in friendly territory. Topical burns.

Oh, and because Donald Trump is the second coming for a true America, his Golden Age lasts the rest of the game – though your population’s unhappiness level will increase by 100%. Accurate.

We may laugh, but please don’t ever forget that Donald Trump isn’t just some larger than life caricature – He’s a racist sack of shit that would fuck the world in a multitude of terrifying and horrendous ways if he ever came to power.

With that in mind, please enjoy your day and try not to think about the scary Trumpy man and his incomprehensible gradual rise to power that will likely result in a swift nuclear holocaust.