This DOOM Mod Could Be The Most Ridiculous Yet



When id Software released the groundbreaking DOOM 20 years ago, I don’t think they ever expected it would come to this…

The classic first person shooter is now playable on the touch bar of the new MacBook Pro’s touch bar, because this is what 200,000 odd years of human evolution has been building toward.


As you can see (or perhaps not) from the above image, the readjusted aspect ratio leaves something to be desired, but the fact that you can actually run a game on the new laptop’s control strip is pretty fucking cool, right?

The touch bar is intended to replace the traditional function keys in favour of a digital, more versatile input – but hey, if you want to blast back demons from a hell dimension with it too, clearly you can.

Check it out in action below, courtesy of YouTube user diffractive – b3ll.

The touch bar does have more practical implications for gaming too, of course.

An accompanying Tweet from the man behind the mod shows us that the UI alone can be displayed on the bar, potentially freeing up much more of the main screen for straight-up gaming.

Dual screen gaming, implemented in subtler and more refined manner than the Nintendo DS could manage? I’m interested to see where this goes.