This Dory Transformation Is The Most Terrifying Make-up Tutorial Ever

by : UNILAD on : 16 Jun 2016 14:50

Chrisspy is a beauty influencer with over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.


She’s known for her character makeup transformations and vlogs on everyday makeup skills. One of her most recent videos, however, has people terrified.

In honor of Finding Dory hitting theaters, she decided to transform into the forgetful blue fish. And it’s something out of your worst nightmares.

In the past, Chrisspy’s turned herself into a werewolf, a devil and a Cleopatra/cat hybrid. All were impressive and turned out pretty cool. Dory however? Just plain terrifying.

It starts out pretty normal:


Then it starts getting a bit more serious:

Things soon start to come together:

Then it gets terrifying:

And finally:


Don’t get me wrong. This is ridiculously impressive – she even glues fake Dory fins to her face for maximum effect, and it looks amazing. But it’s also fucking terrifying.

To show you just how amazing that transformation was (as if you can’t already tell from the video) – this is what Chrisspy looks like in real life:

Hats off to you, Chrisspy. Your amazingly terrifying Dory transformation deserves some solid credit.

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