This Drunk Raccoon Probably Had A Wilder New Year’s Party Than You


If you thought your New Year’s Eve celebrations were pretty wild, just check out this drunk raccoon who puts us all to shame.

The hilarious viral video captured the moment the inquisitive creature broke into a warehouse full of booze and got absolutely steaming drunk.

In the clip, filmed by bystanders who find the entire scene absolutely hilarious, the raccoon staggers out from behind a crate of beer looking decidedly worse for wear.

The pissed animal looks pretty unsteady on his feet and eventually collapses in a heap. We’ve all been there, mate.

Still, that isn’t about to stop this little guy from having a good time, as he regroups and fancies another drink, lapping from a small puddle of ale on the floor. Because we all know that one guy who doesn’t know when to stop!

Eventually, the rat-arsed raccoon decides to make its exit, but not before he trips over his own feet and falls over again. Party on, raccoon. Party on…