This ‘Emotional Support Pig’ Helps His Owner Get Over Her Fear Of Flying


It turns out pigs do fly as this fella regularly joins his owner on flights to soothe her anxieties.

Hamlet looks set to become the next Instagram animal star after his owner, Megan Peabody, posted numerous photos of him providing his calming presence.

28-year-old Megan, who lives in the Virgin Islands and has a fear of flying, began to bring Hamlet along with her when he was just eight weeks old.

He now checks in as her ’emotional support animal’, and the duo have most recently travelled from Logan International Airport in Boston on Christmas Day to San Juan, Puerto Rico and on to the Virgin Islands.

Megan told the Mirror: 

I love flying, but I suffer with anxiety, so being able to pick Hamlet up, to hold, pet and comfort him makes me feel more comfortable and provides a lovely distraction.

People are obviously surprised but there hasn’t been any negative reactions. Children are sometimes a bit afraid as many haven’t seen a pet pig before.

But once they come over and pet him and see what he is like, they all love him.

People travelling by plane in the U.S are permitted to take animals on board a flight at no extra cost, if they can’t function without its support, and recently photos emerged of an ‘emotional support turkey’ on board a flight.


However, the rules are different in the UK. British Airways will allow passengers to travel with an assistance dog in the cabin with prior agreement, but all other emotional support animals need to travel in the hold.

We don’t know if Hamlet would be keen on that!